Arches & Garlands

Great, you’re looking for a balloon arch! This is the perfect place to design your own arch. After all, you can’t know that you must have something that you don’t know exists!! Here you can learn about the options available to you, with picture samples, so you get that look you want for your special event. Simply make note of the options you like and let us know so we can quote it, book it, build it, and deliver it! Let’s get started.

Would you like Organic or Traditional?

In a traditional arch all of the balloons are uniform, (all the same size). Organic means the balloons vary in sizes.

Size and Shape

Balloon arches come in different shapes and sizes. If you’re budget conscious, the least expensive is the strand across the top with clusters at each end or the organic across the top garland. Another cost saver is selecting designs that don’t require equipment be picked up after your event (for example an arch that is attached to your wall or pergola, etc.)

The most common is the semi-arch (up one side and across the top). A full arch has two sides and goes across the top. A half circle arch is, well, a half circle. There’s also a balloon wall and a crawling balloon arch. You aren’t limited to these shapes, we also have a ring arch and we can create a custom frame in whatever shape you like.

Single Layer vs Double Layer

A single layer organic balloon arch is made with 12 inch balloons, but you can opt add a few larger balloons at the base and here and there. A double layer organic balloon arch has an additional layer of 5 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch and maybe even 36 inch balloons. It’s thicker and more ornate. Expect the double layer arches to be more expensive as it takes twice the supplies and twice the time to create.

Doubled Balloons

Most arches are made with the same balloons we’ve had in the industry for decades, but it’s becoming trendy to create a richer, more unique, modern look by putting one balloon inside the other and inflating the inner balloon. For example a pink balloon inside a white one will give you a soft hint of pink rather than a vibrant pink.

Chrome and Specialty Balloons

Chrome balloons are increasing in popularity lately and for good reason. These opaque and shiny balloons look as though they are made of metal. Examples of other specialty balloons are confetti filled, multicolored (powdered), polka dot, swirls, etc. These balloons are more expensive than standard balloons so they are for budget with a bit more room.


We can add strands of lights to your arch as seen in the Wiggle Rumps example, or inside individual balloons as in the blue helium arch picture, but we also have small floor lights pointing to arches and a few very bright spot lights.


There’s really no end to embellishments. You can add greenery, silk flowers, real flowers, pampas, leaves, string lights, feathers, even balloon animals! Let’s get creative!

Ok so now that you know what you want, let’s get it booked! Click the link to get started! Don’t worry, if you’re also booking other items or services, you can add those too, all in one place!