Backdrops & Cake Tables

Here are some of the options for your backdrop. These are samples of what we have done in the past, however you are not limited to these options. You can always send us a picture of an element from a set up you have seen online and we can most likely do something similar

Vinyl: Vinyl is a good option as there is seemingly endless themes and scenes available. They are also relatively inexpensive so it doesn’t add a lost of cost to order something specific for your event. The downside of these backdrops is in person they do tend to have visible folding lines. We try to minimize this where possible but it not likely it will be without these lines/wrinkles. These usually come 7 feet wide and 5 feet tall. Here are samples of what we have done, but certainly not a complete list of what’s available.

Curtains: Curtains are classy and a good option when you want the balloons, props and decorations to stand out. They are also a better option for outdoor set ups where wind might be as issue. Other backdrops attach along the top bar while these curtains are attached both at the top at the bottom making the wind less of a worry.

Sequins: Looking for some shine? Sequins backdrops provide that blingy, jewel look. They come in almost every color and can be either opaque or somewhat transparent to ensure you get that look that matches your vision.

Sheer: A more elegant and soft look would be the sheer curtains. These can also be layered for a more intricate, ornate look.

Other: You can do a balloon wall as a backdrop, a solid circle, or no backdrop and have your balloon arch/garland attached to your wall.

Cake Tables: We have 2×4 and 4×6 standard tables. We also have 3 white columns/pillars/plinths. A popular choice is our candy cart (table top 2×4) we made over quarantine. W have a table with a ONE base with an acrylic table top. Please also see here a few examples of table skirts.