Balloon Sculptures

The sky is the limit…

Balloon sculptures are a unique work of art. They take time, effort, and love to make especially for you. If you’re looking for something extra special that won’t be seen at any other event, this is the extra special touch you are looking for. Here is a catalogue of past orders. We can make pretty much anything from balloons.

Each sculpture has a unique price as you would see in a painting, for example. Our minimum delivery for balloon sculptures is $75.

Early on

It started one morning when I saw someone on a morning show talk about learning to make balloon animals from Youtube. I already had a little side business painting faces on the weekend so off to Party City to I went to give that a shot. It was love at first inflate. I knew I needed to start with the basics, but no, I couldn’t.


I tried making this elaborate 30 balloon scorpion right of the bat. After several attempts and endless hours I was able to make it. I was never the same. I absolutely fell in love with making things as balloons. Sculptures are a unique work of art. Each one has trial and error and is being designed and custom created specifically for you.