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We have five levels of service to suit the needs of your budget and your guests. You can learn about the differences and see sample pictures right here!

Phase I Trainee$50 per hour: This is a new artist just learning how to work with paints and/or balloons and children. They offer about 6 designs to choose from. This artist is recommended for kids aged 2-3. They can accommodate 10 kids per hour.

Phase II Trainee$75 per hour: This artist has a bit more experience, their technique is a little better and they have about 12 designs to choose from. This artist is recommended for kids aged 2-4. They can accommodate about 12 kids per hour.

Basic$100 per hour: This artist does average work, offers about 18 designs to choose from. This artist is recommended for kids aged 4-6. They can accommodate about 15 kids per hour.

Premium$125 per hour. This artists does good, more detailed and complex work, offers 20+ designs to choose from, and has some jokes for the kids. You may get some wows with their artwork. This artist is recommended for kids ages 6-10. This artist can handle 15-20 kids per hour, but the more kids there are the simpler the designs will be.

Guru$150 per hour: This artist does AMAZING work, get the camera ready because you and your guests will be wowed!! This artist can paint almost any design and make almost any balloon the guest would like and quickly. This artist is recommended for kids AND adults and can handle 20 guests per hour. [PLEASE NOTE AS OF JUNE 2021 WE DO NOT HAVE A GURU PAINTER AVAILABLE]


Glitter Tattoos are $100 per hour and we can accommodate about 12 kids per hour. They stay on for 3-5 days and can be removed (at any time) with lotion or oil. Be aware these shiny tattoos will also appeal to adults once they see them, so you may want to let your guests know to let the kids go first so they all get a chance to get one. This gallery below is a sample of what we have done, we may not have these exact designs.

The Great BoBenny Games

Looking for an organized way to keep your child guests occupied? We offer a range of activities and crafts for children. We have engaging enthusiastic activities coordinators to ensure everyone is excited and involved in the fun activities. The kids earn tickets for participating and accomplishments. At the end of the activities kids exchange their tickets for prizes, so everyone is a winner!

We do 3 games in one hour. We recommend about 15 kids per hour: $125 per hour

Chose from the following games for your event