Backdrop Selection

These are some samples of the backdrop styles you can choose from. Each style has many options!

The Square Backdrop

Our standard backdrop is 7×7. The most cost effective backdrop is a flat (solid color), tulle (shown here in champagne), curtains, sequins, or sheer.

A moderately priced backdrop is vinyl, (shown here with leaves with the giraffe), which is available in a wide variety of options, however the theme specific options are usually 7×5 which can be limiting.

A lux backdrop would be custom vinyl (shown here with Pooh) and our extravagant, faux grass wall.

The Circle Backdrop

Our circle backdrop is a 7′ ring with a material such as cotton or polyester, cover. A budget friendly option is our solid white or solid black.

It can also be wrapped with balloons and stand on it’s own or in front of another backdrop.

There are other options available such as faux wood, velvet, gold marbled, and theme specific, such as mermaid or cartoon safari animals. The more unique your backdrop cover, the more expensive.

The Panel(s) Backdrop

Our panels can be used as a set or by themselves. They are all available in popular colors. Custom colors are additional and require 1 month advance.

  • 3×6′, 3×5.5′ seen in ivory fabric with the teddy
  • 2×6′, 2×5.5′ seen painted blue and tan with Riyen
  • 3 panels about 3.5′ x 6′ seen with the pink garland.
  • 5×7.5′ open center panel seen in the little cutie (orange) theme.