Make your event fun and memorable by adding entertainment! See what we have to choose from. Once you decide what’s right for your event, click the button to check availability. Scroll down for information and pricing.

Face Painting & Balloon Twisting

We recommend about 12 kids per hour per service but can accommodate up to 15. Face painting and balloon twisting is the same price. We have three levels of service to suit the needs of your budget and your guests. Please scroll down to the gallery for images. If you’re booking only one hour, there may be a $25 travel fee.

How much?

You can find out what’s right for your event with this information.

Trainee$100 per hour: This is an artist in training, recommended for children around 2-4. Perfect for small budgets and small kids. This is not going to be good quality, but the small kids won’t know the difference. The artist will offer a simple 1 page menu for each service.

Basic$125 per hour (+$110 per hour after 2 hours): Recommended for kids 4-6. This artist does average or “okay” or “not bad” work. It won’t be detailed or complex, but our customers have been happy with the value. The artist will offer a 2nd and 3rd page in their menus.

Premium$150 per hour (+$130 per hour after 2 hours): This artists does better, more detailed and complex designs. Recommended for kids 7+ (and adults). This artist will have a 4th page added to their menu.

Add a costume – Flat $40: If you would like your artist in costume we have a mermaid, pink or blue princess, pirate, fairy, rainbow unicorn, Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa, Jasmine, Spiderman, Moana, a witch, and more. Please scroll down to the gallery for images.

What’s right for 20 or 25 kids?

Great question! I would recommend booking 90 minutes for each service. If that’s not a good fit for your budget, we can reduce the menu size and book 1 hour (per service) with a premium artist.

If you want to squeeze it all in (both face painting and balloon twisting) into 2 hours with this many kids, the artist will begin with simplified face painting and then alter the balloon menu (remove pages) to fit the remaining time. With 25 kids, it will end up being just balloon swords, but this has worked well for us!

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are applied with an adhesive stencil, skin safe body glue, and skin safe glitter. They stay on for about a week. They can be removed easily using lotion or rubbing alcohol. We can accommodate up to 12 guests per hour. Expect some adults to line up when they see these! Please scroll down to the gallery for images.

$150 per hour

The BoBenny Games

This is a hosted games program for kids 4 years and over. You can select 3 games per hour (for up to 15 kids). The kids will earn tickets for each games (1 for participating) that can be exchanged for prizes (slime, bouncy balls, rubber duckies, mini stuffed animals, plastic animals, tiny erasers etc).

Games Options: (Best for ages 4-5) Unicorn toss (blow up rings), flarts (blow up floor darts), magnetic fishing, animal bean bag toss, hot potato. (Best for ages 6+) Archery, axe throw (all plastic) tabletop skeeball, ring toss, slingshot can knockdown, ping pong bucket toss (on grass only), cornhole, basket toss, (All ages) limbo, bingo, egg race (wooden eggs), tug of war.

$150 per hour: Up to 15 kids, 3 games

BoBenny Crafts

These are hosted crafts. We provide a child height, 4 foot long, dry erase table and 10 chairs with 20 craft kits for 1 hour. We handle the set up, assist the kids, keep the space organized, and then clean it up and take it all away! Except for the craft. The guests can go home with something fun and special they can remember the day with.

$150 per hour: 20 kits per hour purchased.

Craft Options:

  • Foam Kits: Recommended for kids ages 4-6. Kids have various kits to choose from. They select a kit with everything they need to make, perhaps, a small pirate boat, a flower or bee necklace, or a safari animal. Each child gets one kit.
  • Sand Art: Recommended for kids 6+. Kids have various options here as well. They can choose a bottle, necklace, small trophy in all different themes; sea life, sports, and other fun items. They have all the good colors of sand to choose from in easy to pour containers right in front of them.

For kids 6+ we have the sand art option, painting ceramic cupcakes/spaceships/flower pots. Custom options available for +$75

Character Visits

We have Mickey, Minnie and T-Rex in addition to the costumes listed under painting and twisting. Please note these characters are for meet and greet as well as photos, other services are not included.

Mickey or Minnie – $80 for 30 minutes | $140 for one hour: These costumes have limited vision so they require a guide to be with them.

Other: $60 for 30 minutes | $90 for one hour


Trainee Painting and Twisting Samples:

Basic Painting and Twisting Samples

Premium Painting and Twisting Samples

Glitter Tattoo Samples

Costume and Characters