We strive to make YOUR event not only picturesque, but unique and special! Our goal is to bring your vision to life in a spectacular way. Scroll down to see easy options ready to book, or look around to see what we have to offer.

To get a quote…

To begin, click on “get my quote.” Here you will see options of what we have available and fill out the quote form on the last page.

If you have an inspiration photo and you know what you want, go directly to the decorations quote form. If you would like me to design a custom set up for you, sending you options to choose from based on your vision and other elements of your event, which starts at $700, go directly to the quote form here:

Ready to Book Set Ups

Looking to save time and money? You can select a theme, 3 standard colors (40 to choose from), and a set up package from below. Before booking these packages, please note they are priced without any design services included.

Themes: Mickey/Minnie, Under the Sea/Mermaid/Baby Shark/Nemo, Hawaiin/T ropical, Princess/Frozen, Super Hero, Safari/Woodland, Peppa Pig, Unicorn, Transportation (hot air, planes, cars, trains, etc), Legos/Ninjago, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Moons + Stars, Teddy Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Paw Patrol, Circus/Carnival, Space/Astronaut, Fruits and Sweets/Donuts, Little Cutie, Storybook.

The Simplicity Set Up

Starting at $450

The Simplicity set up comes with a 7×7 square backdrop in sequins, curtain, flat, sheer, or tulle. The balloon arch goes 5′ up one side and 7′ across the top. The cake table is a standard buffet table and comes with a table cloth and/or table skirt, and serving dishes (cake plates, platters etc).

Add Standard Vinyl Backdrop: $20

Add Chrome Color Balloons: $25 per color

Add Layer of 18″ and 5″ balloons: $50

Add Layer of 24″ and 36″ balloons: $60

Add Props/Embellishments: $50

The Circle Set Up

Starting at $400

The Deluxe Circle set up comes with a 7′ circle/ring backdrop, with balloons up one side and a short stack on the opposite side or directly on the ring. Three white, circle, plinths (pedestals) and cake/cupcake stands and a decal.

Add 2 Marquee Numbers: $100

Add Layer of 24″ and 36″ balloons: $100

Add 2 Real Flower Bouquets: $200

Add Chrome Color Balloons: $25 per color

(Note: We don’t use mylar/foil balloons, but you can add them).

The Cart Set Up

Starting at $400

The Cart set up includes the cart, a one layer (12″ balloons) arch over and over the top, a name on the front, serving dishes, decorations such as candy jars or props.

Add Flowers Ivy: $25

Add Silk Flower Bouquets: $40

Add small decorative table: $25

Add Layer of 5″ and 18″ balloons: $40

Add Balloon Glam (as pictured with pampas): $150


Starting at $450

The Panel set up includes one panel, a 2-layer balloon arch (5″ – 18″) up one side with an opposite short stack, a decal/sign and a pedestal with cake stand.

Add Props: $25

Add a Panel: $150 each

Add pedestal or rug: $30 each

Add Balloon Glam (as shown with pampas): $50 – $100

Add full balloons and props: $100-$150