Balloon Arches


The simplest and most budget friendly option is the one layer, organic arch seen in the rainbow ring. “Organic” simply means the balloons are inflated at various sizes. With traditional (the half arch) all the balloons are a uniform size. The 1-layer arch uses only 12″ balloons.

A 2-layer arch, seen in pastel, has added 5″ and 18″ balloons, adding some glam to the look.

To add that lux touch, you can add 36″ balloons, seen here in the boss baby arch.


Your budget friendly option is to situate your balloons up one side or across the top of your backdrop. A semi arch goes up one side and across the top (inverted L), and a full arch goes the length of both sides and the top, seen in two-ti fruity.

On the ring, you can opt for a half hoop, full hoop, or diagonal.

You can also select a half arch or columns.


We offer 48 standard colors including chrome options, though chrome is more expensive. The gold sample here, compares standard gold and chrome gold. The best budget option is 3 standard, non-chrome colors.

There are also several types of specialty balloons, powder, shown here, stars, marbled, polka dots, etc. Expect these to add to the cost.


To add lux, you can select double stuffed balloons, seen in the pink samples. These have another color inserted inside to create a new shade or richer color. The pink samples has standard pink, a black in pink and a pink in white for comparison.

We do offer custom colors, seen in shades of peach. This option is for larger budgets, especially if there are multiple sizes.


You can add flowers, lighting, feathers, pampas, ivy, etc to your balloons if you’re looking for that extra lux look.

We can use silk flowers, pampas, feathers, ivy, and or lighting. We can put lights inside balloons, add floor lighting, or a string of lights seen in the wiggle Rumps sample.